Package com.Prominic.jFTPd

Interface Summary
ConnectionHandler Interface for a connection handler.
RemoteController RMI Controller for FTPHandler, but it is not used in production.

Class Summary
AdminConnection jFTPd opens up an administrative port which you can use to control it.
CRLFPrintWriter As stated in the RFC for FTP, the commands that are sent/received during the communication Creation date: (10/9/2001 7:44:09 PM)
FTPAdmin Main class for starting up the FTP Administration window.
FTPAnonSecuritySource Implements anonymous access security check.
FTPConnection This class represents and FTP Connection created when an user connects to the FTP server.
FTPd Main class, which starts up the application.
FTPdAsService Class used by jvmi2 wrapper.
FTPEvent This is the [single] event that propagates inside the jFTPd.
FTPHandler This is the main part of the server.
FTPLogger This class receives FTPEvents and logs them into the log file.
FTPRemoteCtrlImpl This class is a RMI wrapper for the FTPHandler.
FTPSecurityManager Generic FTP security manager.
FTPSecuritySource Generic security source (either based on a user defined on users.dat file or on anonymous user).
FTPUser This class represends a user accessing the jFTPd server.
FTPUserListSecuritySource This class implements a security source based on the users.dat file.
GenericServer Interface for a generic server.
HomeDirectory Implements the home directory abstraction.
IdleKiller This class is used to kill idle connections - that is connections that didn't send any command in the specified period and which don't do any transfers - are not busy.
OS This class is a wrapper for OS operations (OS name and executing commands) Creation date: (06-Apr-02 12:45:59)
PassiveConnection This thread takes care of opening a passive connection when the FTP client requests this using the PASV command.
PerUserMask Insert the type's description here.
UserMessages Insert the type's description here.
VirtualFile This class does the conversion between a virtual file and its corresponding file on disk.