1.        On Windows, it is recommended to first start jFTPd as standalone (as various errors can occur at startup - and running as a service can mask most of them). The critical errors are displayed on the console (and if there are classpath errors for example, the service window won't even appear). So it is best to run jFTPd as standalone first (for testing purposes) and if everything's ok then you can run it as a service too.
2.        In case of startup errors as service on Windows - there are a couple of parameters in JVMI which help redirect STDOUT and STDERR to the console. This parameter is called <LOGFILE>. You can find more information about it in JVMI documentation. Error messages (like JVM.dll not found) are written to Windows's Event Log, otherwise, if JVM stars ok, then the logs will be sent to the logfile.
3.        Make sure you got the file properly. Otherwise lots of permission denied messages will be displayed on the console.

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